Mar 15, 2018




Legislative adjustments: how & when?
• How to legislative incorporate the sharing economy into the EU Member States? How much to
regulate EU legislation and how much to be it in the hands of the states?
• Is the solution to incorporate a special contract type into Civil possibly Business Law?
• Does a rigorous control by the state cause the shifting of this business to the gray economy and
thus slowsthe EU against its competitors in the US and Asia?
• Is it important to divide the subjects of the sharing economy into pro table and non-pro table? • Is it
needed to make differences in legislation or the regulation of the tax system?

Taxes: how & when?
• How to tax the incomes of individual and legal persons and how to apply VAT?
• How to solve the problem of taxation in several countries? How to create a universal tax structure?
• Is it fair to have tax levied on EU Member States?
• Does the EU set up a tax system?

  • Kalle Palling (EE)

    Member of Estonian Parliament at The Parliament of Estonia- Riigikogu

  • Marián Miškanin (SK)

    Director, Large Taxpayers Office, Financial Administration

  • Mark Boris Andrijanič (PL)

    Public Policy Associate, Central & Eastern Europe, Uber

  • Tadej Slapnik (SI)

    State Secretary in Office of the Prime Minister of the Republic of Slovenia

  • Lívia Vašáková (SK)

    Economic analyst, European Commission, Representation Bratislava

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