Panel discussion: Where is the sharing economy heading?

Case study: Where are the limits of self-regulation of sharing economy?

Case study: Sharing the traffic jams

Case study: Carrivederci

Case study: Bike Sharing and Slovakia

Panel discussion: Modern technologies = Modern competitive market

Case study: Sharing Economy in the MICE industry

Case study: B2B Sharing Economy - its benefits and challenges

Case study: Psychology behind crowdfunding - why we should not forget to laugh

Case study: Project E-taxi - enviroment for shared economy and modern technologies as help or barrier?

Panel discussion: European cities & their view on Sharing economy

Workshop: Decentral ownership and governance of sharing economy platforms

Panel discussion: Benefits of Sharing Economy

Case study: Lab, shared digital fabrication working space

Case study: We do wonders with "JaSpravim", here in Slovakia

Case study: Library of Things

Case study: Chief of information security vs. the world of bad hackers. Who will likely lose?

Panel discussion: Users protection and employee rights

Case study: Sharing the knowledge for complex problem solving

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