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Shared economy to be discussed in Bratislava by professionals

Will Share.Techsummit show new way of legislation for Slovakia?


Bratislava, February 27, 2018 Professionals from various segments of economy and society will discuss topic of shared economy in Bratislava on March 15. They would like to support Slovakia with announced regulation of this new economical phenomenon. Thanks to dramatical development of digital technologies in last couple of years our lives are affected by this new phenomenon as well.

Discussion takes place at international conference Share.Techsummit, where the participation was already confirmed by representatives of European Parliament or European Commission, of private and state sector.

Shared economy and connected topics are key elements of many discussions between public audience, professionals and also politicians, especially in last years. Thanks to ongoing development of digital technologies it has become a phenomenon that affects total consumption, total and also price availability of services, environment, general comfort or community building. For society and also particular countries it represents significant financial income that is the main reason why already more and more  countries include this phenomenon into legislation or are in process of implementation to do so. „Shared economy develops already for longer period naturally, but on the other hand it is unstoppable. Certain countries pretend this development does not exist and do not take it into consideration. Flexible legislation absents, clarification of relations between participating subjects, clarification of terminology. Fortunately European Commission monitors these trends closely and also reacts accordingly. We would like to create a dialogue between all involved participants,“ David Čajko, conference organizator, explains.

One of Share.Techsummit speakers is also Kalle Palling, chairman of Parliament Committee of Estonia for European Affairs or Ivan Štefanec, member of the European Parliament and Lívia Vašáková, Economist analyst of European Commission, represented in Bratislava. Also one of main participants of conference is company Uber, that has been already for more years the main company when discussing this problematics all over the world. At the conference Uber will be represented by Tomáš Peťovský, CEO for Slovak and Czech Republic and Mark Boris Andrijanic, Public & Policy for CEE region.

The main goal of organisators is to create a dialogue between politicians, representants of shared economy and all that are interested in these topics. Conference is focused primarily towards sharing within fields of transportation, tourism and real estate business, public sector and environment.

Representants of all the European countries are well aware of the fact that discussion about shared economy is really important. Thanks to this conference Slovakia has now unique chance to gain useful point of view. And to realize how to apply and include this problematics into Slovak legislation as quickest and as best as possible.

„I am sure that shared economy is a phenomenon that will grow significantly and will influence more and more people and countries. It is necessary to open this topic and react to this new element also by proper regulation,“ says Tomáš Peťovský, CEO of Uber Slovak and Czech Republic.

Ivan Štefanec, member of the European Parliament, also spoke on the topic: „Shared economy is one of the aspects of how modern technologies influence society. We cannot fight is and build artificial barriers. In the meantime we have to protect customers from being frauded.“

Lívia Vašáková, Economist analyst of European Commission in Slovakia: „Shared economy develops quickly and creates new opportunities. European Commission would like to support new models that create values for consumers. On the other hand we have to deal with challenges that are brought by shared economy and ensure that it develops in sustainable and responsible way including tax payments and protection of customers.“

Another speaker, Tomáš Zaťko from company Citadelo, sees this type of economy as a breaking point between old and new approach for entrepreneurship: „Shared economy is excellent historical milestone. It shows us how we can overcome old models with cumbersome development. Thanks to effective handling of feedback it creates better quality. Thanks to skipping interlinks it offers better prices. Competition of many minor players pushes development forward. Final result is nicely surprised customer with feeling that things can actually work pretty well!“

Conference takes place March 15, 2018 in Radisson Blu Carlton Hotel in Bratislava.

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