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First Conference on shared economy of European importance

(Bratislava, Slovakia, February 6,2018)

The Conference is focused on the shared economy issues called Share.Techsummit is going to be held on the March 15, 2018 in Bratislava. This international conference is the first of its kind in Europe and it will raise controversial issues.

The representatives of local government, government sector, representative of the European Parliament, Council and the private sector will discuss topics which significantly resonate in some segments of the European Union´s countries economy.

The rapid development of the shared (collaborative) economy is allowed by the modern technologies. “Intelligent technologies such computer application and their immediate availability and user-friendliness, support the development of collaborative economy. The ignoration of this rapid development will lead to the new conflicts. The prerequisite for further progress in this area is creating the reaction of the state officer in this segment more flexible,” clarifies the conference manager David Čajko from the company Future Proof which brings an open platform aimed at technologies and innovations to the Slovak market (events, conferences, HUBs). A good example is the operating of the company Uber which services compete with the traditional taxi service. This competition resulted into the Slovak taxi drivers strike.

The long-term development of the shared economy became natural, but inexorable. This development is often disregarded by many states, there is an absence of flexible legislature, clarification of the relationship among the subjects of shared economy, and harmonized terminology. Fortunately, the European Commission took the role of active monitoring of these trends and responsiveness towards them. This states essential basis for its future vivid development. We would like to establish a dialogue among politicians, representatives of shared economy and all persons affected,” confirms the importance of the conference David Čajko.

Conference of European importance
The speakers and panellist from Slovakia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Taiwan, France, Estonia, Denmark and many other countries will address the conference. The organizer´s choice of the world event format enables active participation of all participants. The conference creates the place for networking and interconnection between the partners, investors, e.g. interconnection between start-ups and companies with the public sector. There will be many topical issues to discuss, among others such:

What is the current course of collaborative and shared economy? What are the possible ways of the
states dealing with the legislative and taxes concerning this area? Is it possible to impose taxes on every
area of evolving shared economy? Who is obliged to deal with these issues – the EU or single member
states? Is there new kind of business supported by the application on the rise? How could be protected
the consumers, their properties and lives against this new economic segment?

TechSummit Events
The TechSummit establishes innovative ecosystem of events targeting on specific issues. The
establishment of the dialogue between conservative approach of traditional institutions and innovative
companies, which are changing these standardised approaches, is the priority objective of the organisers.
The conference of this kind is the unique platform in the CEE region, which provides innovative
conferences with various thematic concentration that aimed to support information sharing and creating
new approaches and business models.
For further information on the individual events read:

About Future Proof company
The company Future Proof was set up in 2013. Its mission was and still is to organise and design open
platforms (such events, conferences, hubs) targeting technologies and innovations. The very first the
Smart City HUB in Central and East Europe is credited to this company, where the Future Proof is
organising specialized workshops and events focused on topics such urban intelligence i.e. smart
innovation and piloting projects in municipalities. Another successful project of this company is
international conference on technological innovations the Techsummit, which will be organised by the
Future Proof this year for the third time. The second Techsummit conference was held in May 2017 with
the participation of more than 100 speakers from 12 world countries.

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